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  • 23.01.2024
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Diablo IV: Season of the Construct

PC (Microsoft Windows) PlayStation 4 Xbox One Xbox Series X PlayStation 5

Ancient forces threaten Sanctuary. Aided by your Seneschal Companion, hazard the many traps and devastating Constructs beneath the deserts of Kehjistan.

Deep beneath the swirling sands, elemental forces are amassing for malicious whims of the demon Malphas. Only by descending far below the surface will you be able to cull this cursed threat from its root.

Prepare to uncover the powerful secrets of Zoltun Kulle’s Loom with a new Dungeon type called Vaults, a seasonal robotic Seneschal Companion, and Weekly Leaderboards in The Gauntlet. Several key quality-of-life features—including almost constant Helltide events—arrive to help aid your conquests while fighting in the Vaults.

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