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Genshin Impact

PC (Microsoft Windows) PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch iOS Android

Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG. In the world of Teyvat—where beliefs in “The Seven” converge—epic adventures await, fearless travelers!

Aeons ago, the elder elemental gods gave civilization to the human race, but the world soon splintered as corruption and greed grew without check. The gods watched from their abode in Celestia and selected the worthy to sit by their side and maintain the balance that hold the world together in one piece.

The world is divided into culturally unique environs and themes. Delve into the ruins of a blasted empire that went too far in forbidden technologies, scale massive gothic towers of medieval fortresses, savor fine tea from jade pavilions, spar with kenshis in Sakura woods, and let your imaginations go wild in this definitive Universe. The epic backstory and lore will enrich your thirst for more knowledge about this magical universe…

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