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  • Multiplayer
  • 31.12.2023
  • ESRB: Prüfung ausstehend (RP)
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PC (Microsoft Windows) PlayStation 4 Xbox One Mac Xbox Series X PlayStation 5

Hyenas is a hero-based, multiplayer extraction shooter. Choose a Hyena to play as - each with a unique weapon, ability, and personality - to form a crew of three and steal valuable Merch. The action takes place on vast, themed 'Plunderships' returning to Mars from Earth, loaded with salvaged Merch for your crew to steal.

Competing with four other raiding crews, your goal is to find and crack secured vaults, then steal enough Merch to make your escape. Standing in your way are not only rival players but also the “MURFs” – security forces who will fight to the death to protect the precious cargo.

Once a team has stolen enough Merch, they activate the Plundership’s VIP Extraction, which is revealed on the map. You must find it and make your getaway or stop others from making theirs. The crew that escapes first is the winner, so make sure it’s you!

Fast and frenetic combat is enhanced by the unique weaponry and ability of each Hyena. Additionally, each Plundership features zero gravity areas, some of which can be toggled on and off. Gunfights take on an entirely new dimension, literally, when gravity is no longer a concern. Enemy players can come at you from any direction, so you’ll need to keep your head on a swivel – or make sure to ambush them first.

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