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  • 01.12.2000
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Sabrina the Animated Series: Zapped!

Game Boy Color

Sabrina has messed up again: she has turned all of the kids into animals. Now, she must travel through town and change the kids back. In order to turn the kids back, she must hit them and then use her magic on them. There are a number of power-ups available to help Sabrina on her quest, including quadruple jumps, a butt stomp, and warping abilities. She can also collect five stars that will allow her to change the kids back without having to stun them first. However, there are areas in each stage that Sabrina cannot reach. So she must find Salem, who can crawl through small spaces and use his tail to knock over blocks to clear a path for Sabrina. Getting through a level will require planning and skill, so put on your thinking cap. Help Sabrina return her classmates to normal in SABRINA THE ANIMATED SERIES: Zapped!

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